Jarvis Client Manager Application

Jarvis Client Managers are the heart of our team. With your own set of clients and strong relationships with local stores, you coordinate and manage errands for neighborhoods each week. Part of your work will also involve doing light tidies and potentially longer cleans at different clients' homes so that they can come home happy. Jarvis Client Managers can stay active and get connected to the best their city has to offer.

Benefits of joining the Jarvis Team:
Be at the heart of an exciting Australian startup!
Payment of $25 per hour
Weekly payment
Monday-Friday, not nights or weekends
Part-time and reliable schedule
You decide how much you work

We are looking for:
Outgoing, detail-oriented, and reliable people
With reliable transportation (where relevant)
Must have a smartphone
Cleaning experience preferable

About Jarvis
Jarvis gives clients back their time. As a fully-managed, seamless service, we are in clients' homes each week to organise their homes - from groceries and dry cleaning to tidying and coordinating longer house cleans.
Apply now!
Where are you applying?

What's your full name?

What's your email address?

What's your mobile number?

Do you have your own car, a valid drivers' license and smartphone?

How much professional cleaning experience have you had?

Cleaning experience is preferable but not essential for applying with Jarvis.

How would you go about tidying this room in 15 minutes? What would you prioritise?

How many days per week would you like to work?

Our operating hours are 8am-5:30pm Monday to Friday.

Are you able to commit to working the same days each week?

We'll give you the same clients each week, and they expect service on the same day from week to week. It's important that you're able to work the same days on a regular basis.
Why are you interested in working at Jarvis?

Tell us about yourself!

What are your interests? What makes you tick? We'd love to hear more about you!
Do you have working rights for Australia or a Visa with working rights for longer than six months?

Do you have a Police Check or are you willing to get a police check?

Do you understand that we're not an agency? You will be self-employed working under your own ABN (Australian Business Number).

Where did you hear about Jarvis?

Thanks for applying! Remember to forward your CV to recruitment@getjarvis.com.au

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